How to Transfer Files from Android to Mac

If you’ve got an Android phone or a tablet and you need a way to get your photos, music, videos, or whatever else you have on there, copied over onto your Mac computer then you have a few options.

Maybe you have tried “Android File Transfer“, but it shown too much file folds on the interface, makes so hard to guess the right fold or files that you want to copy with. Is there a easy-to-use tool to solve the problem? Yes! MobileGo for Android (Mac) will do you a favor. It can manage the contents on Android phones and tablets , such as video, music, SMS text and apps, and transfer the files from Android to Mac with only one click. Let’s follow the below guide and have a try.



Note: If you are a Windows user, download the Windwos version.


Firstly, you should connect your Android device with USB cable, then launch the program and you’ll see its main interface as below.


1. Transfer music from Android to Mac

Click “Music” in the left sidebar, just select music you wan to transfer to your Mac computer, then press “Export” button to transfer music to Mac or iTunes library.

Tips: You can also import music, create new playlist, add new folder, delete music, search music, set music as ring-tones, play music, etc. as you need.


2. Transfer videos from Android to Mac

Click “Videos” in the left sidebar, select the videos you want transfer to Mac, then click “Export” to begin the task. You can also manage your videos by using the MobileGo for Android (Mac).


3. Transfer photos from Android to Mac

Click “Photos” in the left sidebar, click “Export ” button and select a folder to save the photos on your computer.

Tips: Besides transfer photos to computer, you can import photos from computer to your device, and manager your photos.


4. Transfer SMS from Android to Mac

Click “SMS” in the left sidebar, click on “Save As” and set a destination folder to save the SMS as files in .txt format on your Mac.

Tips: You can send messages via Mac with the program, mark your massages as Read, Delete, Forwarding, Search, etc.


5. Transfer contacts from Android to Mac

Click “Contacts” in the left sidebar, you will see the contacts list, select all or some of the contact then click “Export” button, the program will begin to transfer the contacts to your Mac.

Tips: You can also edit and add contacts on your Mac computer, and import contacts from Mac to your Android device.


That’s really very simple and clear, isn’t it? Don’t hesitate, just download it and have a try!


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