The Best Alternative for Android File Transfer

Good luck to those who own a Mac computer and an Android phone/tablet since the issues with file transfer between the two. So for those of you who experience such file transfer issues. Most of people will using Google’s very own file transfer tool called Android File Transfer, but many people will find that it not works well in the most time. “Does anyone have any other way you can do it without android file transfer? What is the Best Alternative for Android File Transfer?” Well, you are in the right place. I got the best Android File Transfer alternative tool – MobileGo for Android. It develped with both Windows and Mac version (since Android File Transfer is an application for Macintosh computers only).

Here is a tutorial on how to transfer files between an Android device and your computer.




Tip: If you want transfer files from Android devices to a Windows computer, you can download the Windows version.

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1. The app will create a copy of all the content on your device and you can restore it to your device if it ever crashes or if you want to go back to a previous state.
2. You can transfer music from and to your Android device, even from and to iTunes. Photos, videos contacts, sms and even apps can also be transferred in the same way.
3. You can also download, install, uninstall and back up your applications straight from the application.


Customer Review:

Arif Ullah | 2013-04-22 17:08:30
This software is beast! My cousin padlocked her phone by making too many attempts, thus locked. I then recommended this software to back up data. Data backed up, reflashed firmware, and then did a restore. The phone is now in working condition, with no files lost! Don’t try any alternatives, try MobileGo!


Marc T. | 2012-11-13 07:24:04
This software is so easy to use. With this Mac Android Manager, I was able to transfer files from Android devices to mac computers and also from mac to android devices. Pretty cool! So in other words it let me transfer sms and just about everything from my phone to my computer!


John Ford | 2012-08-29 20:08:44
I broke the screen on my samsung galaxy s3, I have a protection plan and all but I needed the texts that were on the phone. Everything I tried to connect to get the data I needed off the phone was done easily when other programs had a problem with my screen being locked, which since broken I couldnt fix


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