Methods to Backup Nexus 5/7/10 on computer

A backup is a safety copy of info. Your personal images, files and contacts are essential, so why danger losing them in the event of something happening to your tablet? Follow our guide to backing up your crucial information, and never ever lose your files once again!

Yes, a backup is a good thing. Sadly, there’s no universal approach of backing up the stuff on your Nexus devices.Backup-on-Google-account

Backup on your Google account

Trying to Settings > Backup & Reset, and tick “Back up my data” and “Automatic Restore“. The first option ensures that all your setups are kept in the cloud, while the second enables you to keep app-relevant data so that if you need to reinstall something, all the setups will be kept in mind.

Backup on your computer system

Beyond your Google account, which is immediately backed up. Likewise, you can copy files from the tablet’s internal storage to your computer as a form of backup. A backup of the data stored on the Nexus 7 would consist of all data, including pictures, videos, and music. Especially, the folders you ought to copy are DCIM, Download, and Music.


Want a tool to backup everything on your computer with just 1 click.



Note: If you just want to transfer data from your old phone to the new one, you can use MobileTrans. It can transfer Contacts, SMS, Call logs,Photos, Music, Videos, Apps, etc. between two phones with one simple click.


1. Click the blue “One-Click Backup” button. A file browser window will appear. By default, all folders on your device will be immediately chosen. If this is ok, and the default location folder is acceptable, simply click “Back Up” to finish the process. You’re done.

2. Delete Files: If you wish to leave out any folders from being backed up, just click the corresponding box next to the folder name to uncheck it.

3. Select Backup Destination Folder: The destination folder is where all your backed up information will go. Prior to you click the “Back Up” button, see to it the location folder is the one you want. You’ll see in the area field below the folder list that the default location folder is in My Documents. To change this, just click Browse to set a new location to save your files.

Note: During the Back Up process, please do not detach your device.



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