How to Transfer files from Android to Windows Computer

At present, Android OS and Android phones are very popular and handy to use. With so many developed apps you can do more things with it. You can use your Android phones as a storage device with so many photos, music, videos and many more. In this situation, there is a definite chance of losing important files accidentally.

When this happen, many people may choose “Android file transfer” to backup your important files to pc, but the program for Mac users only. If you are a Windows user, and want to get a program as “Android file transfer for Windows”, you are get the right place.

We recommend MobileTrans, it can not only transfer files beteem your Android device and PC with ease, but also can transfer data from two phones. Download the free trail as below, and see more details of the amazing One- Click program.



Note: If you are a Mac user, and feel the Android file transfer (Mac) is suck, you can read the guide : Android File Transfer Alternative.


More feature about Wondershare MobileGo for Android

mobiletran homepage

1. MobileTrans can backup everything that’s important on your phone onto PC. This includes Contacts, Text Messages, music, photos, apps. Connect your phone to computer and go to “Back up Your Phone ” mode in the homepage, then you’re in this window, just mark the contents that you want trasnfer to your computer, then click “Start Copy“.


2. If you want to restore all again, go to the homepage and click “Restore from Backups ” . Select a backup file format in the drop down list, then you’re in the below windows. It is not only compatible with backups created by Mobiletrans, but also compatible with backups created by other software,, including iTunes®New and BlackBerry® Desktop Suite. Tick off the items you want transfer from computer to phone then click “Start Copy‘.

restore-backup mobiletran

3. If your data backup just for transfer these data from one phone to another, it’s more simple. Just connect two phones to computer vis USB cables and go to homepage, choose “Phone to Phone Transfer” mode, then you’re in below window, select data you want transfer, then click “Start Copy” to transfer data from sources phone to destination phone, if they are in the wrong place, press “Flip” to change thire place before press “Start copy” button.


Tips: MobileTrans it is more than an Android File Transfer (Windows). It compatible with devices on different OS, like Apple iOS, Android, Nokia Symbian.



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